DEADPOOL Movie Test Footage Director Tim Miller Urges Fans to Show Love Not Anger

Unless you've been unplugged and off-grid for the last few weeks, you should know about the Deadpool movie test footage leak.

Quick recap: The day after Comic-Con 2014 ended (Monday July 28) a low quality version of the 2011 Deadpool test footage leaked and the Internet exploded over it. The next day, The Daily SuperHero published an exclusive interview with Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld who detailed information about the test footage. Also on the following day of the leak, a high resolution version of the test footage then leaked online.

Since all of this happened fans have created petitions and campaigns urging 20th Century Fox to green light a Deadpool solo movie. Even Deadpool screenwriter Rhett Reese has gone to Twitter encouraging fans who want to see the solo movie to retweet his social media post—which has over 37,000 retweets and counting as of the publishing of this post.

Next up, director Tim Miller has (finally) commented on all the fan passion for a Deadpool movie to Yahoo! Movies Canada.

"I would say — 'less anger more love,'" Miller said. "Fans saying how much they love Wade Wilson will win hearts and minds."

Will any of this really help in Fox giving Deadpool a green light? Right now no one knows except the studio executives and people involved in the test footage. 

Stay tuned because this is one story that won't be going away anytime soon...

Editorial note on the Yahoo! Movies Canada report: There is a factual error in their report saying the test footage was shown at Comic-Con 2014 which is incorrect. The footage did indeed leak the day after Comic-Con.