DEADPOOL Test Footage Leaked in HD and Fox Pulls it; Plus a PG-13 Rewrite is Under Review Not an R Rated Script

The leaked Deadpool test footage has easily been the hottest super hero movie topic of the week so far!

On Monday, coincidentally the day after Comic-Con ended, a low resolution leak occurred. On Tuesday, The Daily SuperHero published an exclusive interview with Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld who discussed the making of the test footage. Then on Tuesday night, an HD version of the test footage was leaked. (Although you'll have to Google the HD footage or search on YouTube for the HD version youself.)

Fox is trying to pull all the footage down and fans are still posting it back up as fast as it comes down. It's a vicious cycle and one that Fox should consider as a reason to officially green light this Deadpool movie already.

Many assumed that a Deadpool solo movie would need to be R-rated and that was the reason Fox hasn't green lit it yet. Liefeld took to his Twitter account to clarify things a bit in that a PG-13 version of the script is under review by Fox and that it can work just as Wolverine's claws and rage works in X-Men films.

So perhaps Fox will green light Deadpool sooner than later. Fans have been impatient since word first got out there was a test footage reel shot by director Tim Miller, several years ago. Fans have seen the test footage and are already putting together a petition for a Deadpool movie and their passion for a Deadpool movie has to be easily heard by those in charge at Fox right now. (At least I would think so.)

If you missed the HD footage leak, here's screenshots gathered up from other websites around the Internet showing how visually cool Deadpool looks.

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