Actor Damion Poitier, Post-Credits THANOS in THE AVENGERS, is Actively in Talks With Marvel For Undisclosed Role

It was one of the best post-credits scenes Marvel Studios had produced (at that time) when it was revealed at the end of The Avengers. That moment you first saw Thanos and he turned to give a grin to the camera.

Actor Damion Poitier was the guy behind the makeup as Thanos in that scene. And even though he was replaced by actor Josh Brolin, who now voices Thanos and will do motion capture work for the Mad Titan, Poitier is not completely out of the equation when it comes to a potential role in a future Marvel Studios movie.

Speaking with at Comic-Con 2014, Poitier was asked if he would ever consider another role with Marvel. His answer was quite intriguing.

"Well, I’m talking to them about that. I don’t want to talk about that until such a time is permitted."

The site goes on to ask him about Black Panther and the actor completely dodges the question and answers it with something completely different, saying he likes Nova and a few other Marvel characters. Obviously, this isn't saying Poitier will be Black Panther or Nova or whoever right now, but it is interesting that he sidestepped a direct Black Panther question and did not answer it at all.

Poitier could be in consideration for Panther or perhaps even Luke Cage in Marvel's Netflix series of the same name. Or he could be any adapted comic book character if Marvel wants to do something similar to what Fox has done with casting Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm / Human Torch.

Regardless, it sounds like Marvel Studios might have a future role for Poitier after replacing as Thanos with Brolin. Stay tuned because this is one story that went under-the-radar after Comic-Con and it bound to make some more headline now!