Will AQUAMAN Get a Makeover With Actor Jason Mamoa Rumored to Play the Role Or Will Momoa Go Blond?


The comic book pop culture punch line for many, many decades. He's taken jabs in nearly every form of entertainment media. Sometimes he's even made fun of in his own comic book. His only "on screen" appearance in a movie was via the television show Entourage. Until now. Maybe.

HitFix is now reporting that Conan and Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa will be Aquaman in Warner Bros.' DC Cinematic Universe. This comes after numerous media denials by Momoa himself.

There is nothing wrong with keeping things a secret in Hollywood when it comes to being cast in a super hero film. Actor Paul Rudd most recently gave the worst poker face tell ever when denying he was being looked at for Ant-Man. Then there was Guy Pearce's lies about his character of Aldrich Killian, in Iron Man 3, having a minimal role in the threequel. In other words, don't believe a damn thing any actor, agent, producer or director says to the media when it comes to casting rumors since now they may lie in-person to create the an illusion.

While Momoa being cast as Aquaman is not confirmed by the studio, the real question is whether or not the actor or Aquaman will change his look. Momoa has dark hair while Aquaman is blond. Will Warner Bros. change the big screen version of Aquaman to have darker hair or will Momoa go blond?

Stay tuned as this story will surely develop in the coming weeks with Comic-Con International just over one month away.

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