Thursday, May 1, 2014

FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot: Mole Man is Coming as Fox is in Final Negotiations With Actor Tim Blake

Remember in The Incredible Hulk when Bruce Banner visited a scientist who helped him control the monster inside of him? This was the same scientist who was then forced to help Emil Blonsky become the Abomination and was knocked out with gamma-infected blood falling onto a cut on his head causing his head to grow and the villain The Leader was born.

That scientist is actor Tim Blake and he is now moving from one studio's Marvel franchise to another. The Hollywood Reporter says Blake is in final negotiations to play another scientist for 20th Century Fox and in their Fantastic Four reboot. Blake will play Harvey Eldery, who is also known as Mole Man in the comics.

Whether or not Eldery will turn into Mole Man in the reboot is unclear, especially since actor Toby Kebbell is already signed on to play the villain Dr. Doom. However, and logically it should be assumed, The Fantastic Four will tease Eldery and potentially set up the origin story of Mole Man in a possible sequel.

In the comic book universe, Eldery is a nuclear engineer and explorer with a brash personality that alienates him from others in the scientific community. He falls into a subterranean cave where he suffers damage to his sight. While stuck underground, he finds a lost species called Moloids, takes control of the species and names himself Mole Man.  Click here to read more about Mole Man on Marvel's website.

The Fantastic Four is scheduled to release in theaters on June 19, 2015. Filming has been delayed since March and full production will hopefully begin in Baton Rouge, Louisiana soon.

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