Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chris Evans Thinks He Could be Done With CAPTAIN AMERICA in 2017 Which Sounds Like After AVENGERS 3 Has Been Filmed

Chris Evans is a busy man. Last spring he filmed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and this spring he starts filming Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Signing a long term deal with Marvel Studios has locked Evans into the role of Steve Rogers for multiple films, however, he only has two films left on his contact when his finishes work on the Avengers sequel. Next on the docket appears to be Captain America 3, which could/should start filming as soon as spring 2015 since it allegedly will be released in May 2016.

But the problem isn't Evans' contract, it's what he wants to do with his career moving forward. And that's to go behind the camera to direct films. So there's going to be a point where Evans has finished his Marvel Studios contract and he hangs up his shield permanently. (Maybe.)

In an interview with Variety, Evans reveals that he is looking to hang up his acting career for a directorial career when his Marvel contract ends.

"We can do this out loud. [Avengers 2] will shoot till August. I wouldn’t be surprised if for all of 2015. we didn’t do a movie. I bet by 2017 I’ll be done. That sounds so far away. For all I know, in five years, I might say, ‘Sh-t, I miss acting.’ Right now, I just want to get behind the camera and make movies."

When Evans says 2017, it is implied that he'll be done with Cap after he films Avengers 3, which is predicted to have a 2018 release. In this case, you can bet actor Sebastian Stan may take over the role of Captain America just as his character does in the comic universe. Plus, Stan's own Marvel Studios contract has seven remaining films on his deal.

Is "Bucky Cap" coming to the big screen starring Stan once Evans is finished? It certainly sounds like it's a possibility, but perhaps not until after Avengers 3 is done filming.

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