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This year marks the 50th anniversary of G.I. Joe. The brand that brought the world the action figure toy genre is set to debut its anniversary line exclusively at Toys R Us stores this fall, with new figure sculptures and paint jobs.

The toy company's press release email revealed figure and vehicle images. Here is a list of what Hasbro announced at Toy Fair 2014, followed by the official Hasbro images they made available to The Daily SuperHero.

Vehicle Versus Battle Packs
-Vamp Mk II vs. Night Landing Craft with Flint and a Cobra Eel
-Cobra Wolf vs. Sky Hawk with an Ice Viper and Arctic Snake Eyes

Versus Figure Two-Packs
-Night Marksmen: Low Light vs. Street Viper
-Heated Battle: Blow Torch vs. Heat Viper
-Special Clash: Lady Jaye vs. Baroness
-Arctic Ambush: Snow Job vs. Arctic BAT

Outnumbered Versus Team Packs
-The Viper's Pit: Cobra Trooper and Cobra Viper Officer vs. Beach Head
-The Eagle's Edge: Leatherneck and Hawk vs. Destro

And as a bonus, Hasbro revealed their 50th Anniversary G.I. Joe San Diego Comic-Con exclusive which is a repainted version of the Versus Vehicle Battle Pack Vamp and Night Landing Craft with Flint and a Cobra Eel. See it below!