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Earlier today, the website SuperHero Hype found a hidden URL in the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Nice work finding this, by the way!

Only in the 1080p high definition version of the trailer, and at the 2 minute and 7 second mark (the trailer is at the end of this post), you can see the web address on the right beam behind actor Jamie Foxx's Electro. You can see it when you click on the below screenshot to enlarge it.

Now here comes some SPOILERY tidbits about this newly found viral website for the film.

When you head over the the hidden URL, which is, you see Harry Osborn watching the video of the moment Max Dillon falls into a water tank with eels to most likely receive his powers. But when a screenshot of the video Osborn is watching was taken, rotated and zoomed in, you can see it is referred to as the 'Max Dillon Experiment' and it was approved by Harry himself. Check this out in the below image and click it to enlarge, too.

Does this mean Harry is the mastermind behind OsCorp's involvement in creating Spider-Man's villains? Or is he simply following orders from his father, Norman?

Finally, there is a countdown on the Electro website which ends on New Year's Eve. There was a newly announced visit that Spidey will make at Times Square for the ball drop where he will also revealed footage for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Seems like there will be some new footage coming, perhaps.

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