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In the beginning of November, The Daily SuperHero learned that Marvel Studios really wanted actor Paul Rudd for a leading role in Ant-Man. The contact also said that Rudd's new Anchorman sequel might be delaying the process of signing on the dotted line as well.

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This is speculation but perhaps it is because of the long term commitment to the role, or maybe the money, or maybe Anchorman 2 releasing so soon could be his focus now and Rudd doesn't want anything to deter him from his new film. Or maybe it's none of that at all. Whatever the case is, Marvel Studios still hasn't signed Rudd as of the publishing of this post.

What fans haven't seen or heard is any reaction Rudd, himself, has about this casting news—which was exclusively reported by Variety, in mid-October. Until now!

Absolute Radio managed to ask Rudd about it on the red carpet and Rudd's reaction could be somewhat telling. In the opinion of The Daily SuperHero, Rudd is a terrible actor when it comes to lying (sarcasm). His body language appears to show that he definitely knows something about Ant-Man. See his reaction for yourself in the video below.

Ant-Man release in theaters on July 31, 2015.