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Back at the end of October, The Daily SuperHero was the first website to report Disney was having discussions about Indiana Jones 5 behind closed doors. While no specific details were provided it has now been confirmed, by the same source, that those discussions were about reacquiring the marketing and distribution rights for the Indiana Jones franchise from Paramount so another film can soon be developed. (Another confirmed exclusive! See my 'scoop record' by clicking here.)

Moving on to the point of this post. Variety spoke with Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn, who made a big implication about Indiana Jones 5 and that development of another film is coming soon.

"It didn’t make sense to produce the movie at Disney and then have it be distributed and marketed by Paramount. 
“We haven’t done anything. We don’t have a story. We need a story.”

Disney and Lucasfilm may not have a story for Indiana Jones's next big screen adventure in place right this moment but why else would Disney re-acquire the full rights for future Indy films if they didn't plan to find a story and produce a new movie?

Horn's comment about it not making sense to produce another Indiana Jones and then to just have Paramount distribute and market the film is telling sign. A telling sign which implies Disney is now moving forward with the franchise to find a story and developing it into the next movie in the franchise.

Stay tuned as more information about Indiana Jones 5 is sure to hit the rumor mills in the coming months.

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