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In October, The Daily SuperHero was the first website online to report that Disney and Lucasfilm were having some discussions about the next chapter of Indiana Jones behind closed doors. This report came shortly after actor Harrison Ford said he'd reprise the role of Indy "in a New York minute."

It seems those reports are definitely leading to Indiana Jones 5 now that Variety has reported Disney has made a deal with Paramount to acquire all the current and future rights to the movie franchise for distribution and marketing rights. Previously, The Daily SuperHero has been reporting how Disney and Lucasfilm have been held up with moving forward on another Indiana Jones film due to distribution rights concerns with Paramount. And this confirms that all those reports were 100 percent correct and accurate.

What this now means is that Paramount will get a cut of all future/hopeful Indiana Jones films that Disney and Lucasfilm put out, all while Paramount maintains distribution rights for all previous Indy films already made.

Now that this deal is done, you can bet the previous report stating Disney and Lucasfilm are talking about Indy behind closed doors is in fact true, too. However, director Steve Spielberg has said many time before that another Indiana Jones feature film will not be made until creator/writer George Lucas has the right story for the next on screen adventure. But Lucas is no longer owner of the franchise since Disney bought it.

This all means Disney and Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm's president, will find someone to write a script and show it to Spielberg to see if he's still interested in helming Indiana Jones 5. If he's not interested, then they'll find a new director. Disney, Lucasfilm and Kennedy will also show Lucas the script since he'll most likely be brought on as a creative consultant for future Indiana Jones film, just as he'll be a consultant for all future Star Wars films.

Bottom line, Disney has made a deal to move forward with Indiana Jones 5 so look for more information (and rumors) about the next installment of the franchise in the coming months until Disney is ready to make an official announcement for it.

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