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The rumor mill used to be dominated by Marvel Studios and Marvel-owned movie properties at Sony and 20th Century Fox. That was before Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced a Man of Steel sequel was coming at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. Now there are just as many rumors surrounding Batman vs. Superman as there are for Marvel-related movies churning in the mill.

Next on deck from the mill is a report from Variety, which could be considered less of a rumor than if it came most other sites, stating that actor Joaquin Phoenix is being eyed for a possible villain role in Batman vs. Superman. Most recently, other rumors has claimed that there could be two villains in the sequel to Man of Steel, with both being from Superman's villain list and not Batman's.

Variety has also said Phoenix is in the running for the role of the main antagonist but they also imply that that could be Lex Luthor. However, Luthor's role in Batman vs. Superman could be as the villain behind the scenes and not the main villain in the film itself. (Think similarly along the lines of Thanos being the big bad across multiple Marvel Studios films while Loki was the main antagonist of The Avengers.) If this theory is correct, then Phoenix could indeed be the main antagonist but as not Luthor.

Who Phoenix could be remains to be seen but villain like Brainiac and Darkseid have also been rumored to be in Batman vs. Superman. Stay tuned as more information is sure to be available very soon since Batman vs. Superman starts film production in February 2014.

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