New Details Available For THOR: THE DARK WORLD Villains Malekith and Kurse

A villain can make or break a movie.

In Thor: The Dark World there is no shortage of villainy. From the Dark Elves, to their leader Malekith the Accursed, to Kurse and to the return of every woman's favorite Marvel Studios villain... Loki. There are plenty of bad guys in Thor's next big screen adventure.

The Disney website Stitch Kingdom was exclusively given character descriptions for all the main characters in Thor 2. Specifically, the character description for Malekith and Kurse—who actually starts off in the film as the Dark Elf, Algrim—needed to be highlighted. (SPOILER ALERT to those who do not want to know these minor details.)

 Malekith is the cruel leader of the Dark Elves, a race of beings said to be older than the universe itself. Born into darkness, Malekith led his people in a war against the Asgardians, but they were thought to have been destroyed thousands of years ago. Malekith survived, however, and now seeks to transform our universe, plunging it back into eternal darkness. "

Nothing new in Malekith's description except for the fact that he "survived" the war with Asgard thousands of years ago.

 Algrim / Kurse is Malekith’s trusted and loyal lieutenant. He fought at Malekith’s side during the initial war with Asgard thousands of years ago, but now their time is running out. Algrim is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice and is transformed into the monstrous Kurse. With a new and terrifying power, Kurse seeks to destroy Thor and Asgard in preparation for Malekith’s arrival. "

Now there's some juicy information! It sounds like fans will see Algrim's sacrifice and transformation into Kurse, who is now confirmed to be Malekith's right hand man and lieutenant. Not to mention the fact that it says Malekith and Algrim / Kurse's "time is running out" which implies the Dark Elves are quickly becoming extinct. But that's an assumption until the movie is seen.

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Thor: The Dark World releases on November 8, 2013.