Why Ben Affleck as BATMAN Could Give Fans 'The World's Greatest Detective' on the Big Screen

DC Entertainment re-branded itself as 'DC' because of the huge success of their Detective Comics title starring Batman. Fact.

Batman is also known as "The World's Greatest Detective." Fact.

Batman is known as "The World's Greatest Detective" on the big screen. False.

So far the big screen versions of Batman have been more about the gadgets, physicality and stealth of the role more than the detective nature, which made Batman so popular in the Golden Age of comic books. Warner Bros. and DC have yet to fully embody the detective version of the hero in a movie... yet. So let's give this casting news some perspective from a "What could work for Affleck as Batman" side of things.

Warner Bros. nearly crashed the Internet with last night's announcement that they have signed actor Ben Affleck to be the next Batman in the sequel to Man of Steel and starring opposite of actor Henry Cavill. So it is now a possibility "The World's Greatest Detective" may finally get his chance to show up in a big budget movie. Let's examine why this could happen.

Affleck is not known to be an angry, imposing, physical threat as an actor. Yeah he can work out and get himself all jacked-up for any role but who wants to see this type of Batman when Christian Bale's version of the hero was already this version of Batman? Sure Affleck will have to work out and get ripped because Batman will need to be physical enough to stand toe-to-toe with Cavill's Superman—in a hopeful fight scene between the two of them—but Batman stands no chance at beating up Kal-El since he doesn't have super powers.

This is where the detective part of Affleck's version of Batman should come into play... and the fact that, in the comics, Batman cheats (a lot). Affleck should be able to easily pull off an adapted "The World's Greatest Detective" Batman who has to, and most definitely will, cheat to beat his opponent. Especially when he's fighting an alien super-powered being who's abilities are no match. And no offense to Affleck but he looks like he can play the type of shady character who would cheat to win, like Batman. Affleck can be a crafty, sneaky, investigative and a Batman who cheats more than a "I'll just beat your ass really bad" Batman for sure.

Finally, let's not forget about Bruce Wayne too. Affleck, as an actor, has developed a very smooth style of delivering his lines in his recent films and that's exactly what is needed to play the billionaire playboy. Just as long as he doesn't revert back to any of his past acting performances where he comes off a bit dorky like in Chasing Amy. (Great movie by the way, so this isn't a knock against the film just some parts of Affleck's acting in it.)

Anyway, while the fan base complains and/or cheers for the decision to make Affleck the next Batman, it appears he could have been picked because he can be more of the detective version of Batman than the type of Batman already seen portrayed by past actors. Speculation, yes, but it makes sense too.

The untitled Batman/Superman sequel to Man of Steel will officially release in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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