THOR: THE DARK WORLD MacGuffin Revealed as Malekith's Agent of Revenge is Called the 'Aether'

Thor: The Dark World actor Christopher Eccleston told Empire Magazine a few things that are a bit... well... confusing. The Malekith the Accursed actor talks about something called Aether and how his character is questing after it (ie. it sounds like it is the MacGuffin of the film like how the Tesseract was in The Avengers).

"There is a kind of tragic quality to his quest. Because he’s lost his wife, he’s lost his children. He’s lost everything. And he returns for revenge. And the agent for his revenge is the Aether. If he gets hold of that, he is omnipotent."

Let's translate this for a moment. Malekith has lost family and everything in his life in the Thor sequel so he (of course) goes on a path of revenge. But revenge is not the only thing he is striving toward. He wants something called the Aether so he can have unlimited power.

According to some mythology research for any reference to Aether—there was no reference in the Marvel comic universe of the Aether being an artifact, by the way—an answer was found. Aether is something out of Greek mythology and is best described as being the indestructible power of Zeus. Obviously Marvel Studios will adapt Aether into their universe with its own unique backstory but until that is known, we can only go off of what qualified sources have in their texts. Quick side note: Aether might actually be the source of the Dark Elves' Dark Matter magic.

Eccleston also spoke about his... SPOILER ALERT!... attack on Asgard on his first day of filming.

"It was when the Ark crashes into Asgard. I come off the ship, blow up the throne and then stride through to have my confrontation with Odin. Pretty good first day, destroying Asgard."

Good to know that Malekith is seeking unlimited power with the Aether and crashes down onto Asgard, which is probably when he is fighting Frigga in the one scene of the Thor: The Dark World trailer. Yet the question still looms... how does Loki play into all of this and is he behind all of it?

November 8 will gives fans all the answers they seek but that date still seems like its years away even though it's only a couple of months.

UPDATE: Per @ThorFilms, the Aether is in the Book of Yggdrasil which was on display at Marvel's SDCC booth. Pages in this book were also translated as saying:

Thanks to @ThorFilms for the investigative info! 

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