DARTH VADER to be a Part of ESPN's NFL Monday Night Football Opening Intro on Sept. 9

"Are you ready for some football?!"

This is a sports pop culture saying associated with Monday Night Football still even though Hank Williams Jr. pissed off ESPN parent company Disney and got fired. The Daily SuperHero is not the place to find the latest news and rumors surrounding football and the National Football League because well... this is a superhero movie and more news site. However, sometimes football and inner dorkery combine like Voltron.

This is the case with new information provided by The Hollywood Reporter regarding a new introduction of the NFL's Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN. Since ESPN is owned by Disney and the mouse recently bought Lucasfilm and Star Wars... put all this together and you get Darth Vader in Monday Night Football's September 9 broadcast intro.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote:

"On Sept. 9, as the Philadelphia Eagles prepare to take on the Washington Redskins in the first Monday Night Football game of the NFL season, ESPN viewers won't be asked whether they are ready for some football. Instead, they'll be treated to a montage of Darth Vader, Ronald Reagan and the daredevil who jumped from outer space in 2012."

With ESPN's parent company, Disney, controlling giant franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones and Pixar properties except more integration into ESPN Monday Night Football. It's called synergy and Walt Disney himself helped pioneer a marketing synergy strategy like this back in the 1930s and it is still seen throughout a lot of media companies today.