Iron Man 3: Is Tony Stark is preparing for future battles with Hulkbuster and Thorbuster armors?

It has been a few days since the new Iron Man 3 trailer hit the Interwebs and after The Daily SuperHero was told about some SPOILERS from the latest trailer. So now we are happy to bring you a theory on another armor in the threequel.

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After we were told how Tony Stark is thinking ahead and preparing for the worst and building a Mark I Hulkbuster suit, it appears that Stark didn't stop there. Thinking back to The Avengers, Stark never fought the Hulk ... Thor did. But Stark did battle Thor and saw the strength and power of the Thunder God, firsthand.

And what did Stark possibly do? He might have decided to build a Thorbuster Mark I suit and you can see it in the image provided. Notice the texture of the possible Thorbuster armor is quite similar to what is seen on the Destroyer in Thor's first movie. And there appears to be spikes on that new Stark suit too. If you didn't notice this before, you do now.

Of course this is speculation but one has to think about the way Stark thinks and logic says that if he would build a suit to battle against the Hulk, then he would do the same for his next face-off versus Thor. Or, in the end, it is all just coincidence between this potential Thorbuster suit and the Destroyer.

We will all have to wait and see for ourselves on May 3.