Iron Man 3 Trailer: Details Emerge About Iron Man Army and Hulkbuster Armor

If you haven't seen the Iron Man 3 trailer yet, scroll down to the bottom of this post, watch it now and then return to reading this because here's your SPOILER ALERT!

So the new trailer is online and is burning up the Internet because of the last 15 seconds of it. Two things really gave Marvel fans nerdgasms: the Iron Man army Tony Stark has created and what appears to be the big screen version of a Hulkbuster suit.

Now on to The Daily SuperHero's scoop. We have been told a couple of things about Iron Man 3's new trailer. Again, here is another SPOILER ALERT if you don't want to know more about the threequel before it hits theaters on May 3. Read on, if you dare...

Stark's Iron Man army is a direct result of his lack of sleep and, more or less, paranoia from what happened to him in The Avengers. Even in the new trailer, Stark says he can't sleep and we've been told it's because he is afraid. Afraid of bigger, stronger and deadlier things than he can't handle on Earth, and beyond. So he decides to take a page out of Justin Hammer and Ivan Vanko's book and builds himself an army similar to the drone army he fought against. If Whiplash could do it, Stark can do it better. (Typical Stark mentality, right?!)

While Stark takes the drone army idea from the villains of his second movie, he also realized something during event in New York City against Loki and his alien invasion army, in The Avengers. Tony sees Hulk for what he truly is and that is a potential threat. Stark, then, does what he does best and he creates his biggest suit of armor yet. As seen in the final moments of the new trailer, what is being referred to as the "Hulkbuster armor" by many fans and sites across the Interwebs, it is not a true Hulkbuster suit ... yet.

Okay, so it is pretty much a Hulkbuster suit but it isn't. Even when we were was told this information, this suit was never referred to as a Hulkbuster armor. It was implied to be more along the lines of Stark's Mark I suit—a prototype. We were also told that a better, bigger and badder Hulkbuster suit is coming in a future Marvel film. And you know what that might mean ... a showdown between Stark and Hulk!

There you have it. Details of the Iron Man army and the Hulkbuster prototype armor. You heard it on The Daily SuperHero first.

Now check out the trailer one more time below. Enjoy!