Justice League movie "up in the air" now and until Man of Steel comes out?

There seems to be a sense that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are holding their breath while waiting for the box office return for this summer's Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

According to not one but two of The Daily Superhero's Hollywood insiders, Warner and DC have pretty much put development for a Justice League movie on hold until Superman's ticket sales start rolling in. To be more specific, one insider said that Justice League is "up in the air" right now.

Without confirmation from Warner or DC, and let's be honest in saying they won't confirm this even if the world was about to explode and Superman wasn't there to save us, this is a rumor but a good one for debate.

If true, this lack of confidence by Warner and DC does not bode well. So DC superhero fans must wait. Nothing new. And they must pray or cross their fingers, or whatever superstition they want to use, until Supes flies back on the big screen.

But this is still cause for alarm. Does this mean Man of Steel is not reaching the expectations of the execs? Does this mean Justice League might be too big of a movie project to handle right now? Does this mean Warner would rather wait until after Man of Steel's press tour is over because perhaps they want to ask director Zach Snyder to helm the JL flick?

So many questions right now but if Warner does want to move forward with a Justice League movie, maybe they should work on each team members' origin movie first before throwing them all together in a team movie. Disney and Marvel have built a successful strategy that works and there's nothing wrong with copying a business strategy. Using other strategies is an everyday occurrence and nothing to be ashamed of. Especially if a company can make money as the end result.