Guardians of the Galaxy lands Star-Lord and rumored to branch off after Marvel's Phase 2

Marvel Studios is wrapping up remaining production work they have left in London on Thor: The Dark World only to begin setting sound stages up for their next big movie project. Guardians of the Galaxy is quite possibly Marvel's biggest film risk since they started making movies with Iron Man, in 2008. A space tale featuring action, adventure and unique creatures, it is looking to be Marvel's version of Star Wars.

Director James Gunn took to his Twitter account to tell the world that he has left for London for the next nine months. In other words, pre-production has begun on Guardians of the Galaxy since London will be its main base of operations.

Then word broke that Guardians of the Galaxy had found their team leader. According to Deadline, Actor Chris Pratt (Zero Dark Thirty, Parks and Recreation) has reportedly been cast as the Guardians' lead, Star-Lord/Peter Quill. (Click here to learn more about Star-Lord on Marvel's website.)

Finally, one of The Daily SuperHero's own readers—who likes to send in tips and rumors since he/she works in the movie biz—sent in an email regarding the rumored future of the Guardians of the Galaxy. To sum up the email as succinctly as possible, if Guardians is a success in the box office Marvel will toy with the idea of not including Guardians of the Galaxy in Phase 3 but could still produce a sequel that would be a stand-alone story outside of the Phase 3 movies and story lines. This would be another experiment for Guardians of the Galaxy to test its ability to continue on as its own as a franchise but could still be incorporated into future Phase's if that cinematic Phase of story lines needed the space heroes to be involved.

Without confirmation from Disney or Marvel, take this information as you will but this actually sounds like Marvel may try to expand their movie universe beyond Phases since more and more characters are going to be introduced and in order to release more than two films per year. Think something along the lines of two Marvel Phase movies per year and one stand-alone hero flick. A lot seems to be riding on Guardians of the Galaxy and hopefully it will be a hit when its released in August 2014.