Boba Fett RUMOR: The Star Wars standalone movie timeline is currently one of two concepts

Not much has been said about the rumored Star Wars standalone movies the past couple of weeks. The rumors called out a solo Yoda film, Boba Fett flick and/or a Han Solo movie. Disney has confirmed that there will be two independent Star Wars movies outside of the next trilogy. No further details are available besides the fact that screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are each writing treatments for potential solo Star Wars movies.

But nothing about these standalone movie rumors has broke through the Internet, since early February. This could be due to Disney and Lucasfilm increasing their internal security measures to not allow any more "leaks" to the media. Or it could mean they were nothing but rumors. (We're going with the first reason.)

One of those rumored films has provided us, at The Daily SuperHero, with a little more information. And that film is the Boba Fett movie.

According to an email sent in from a "reliable source," that was literally the name on the email, two different concepts are being considered for Boba Fett. One concept says that the movie will take place with Fett in his early 20s and mastering his craft of being a bounty hunter while still dealing with the pain of losing his father (a.k.a. clone daddy), Jango. This film would take place after the 'Clone Wars' and the events in 'Revenge of the Sith,' but way before 'A New Hope.'

The other concept would place Fett's timeline somewhere in between 'A New Hope' and his first big screen appearance in 'Empire Strikes Back.' This concept would follow Fett's rise to prominence as a top bounty hunter in the galaxy and ending with him being one of a few bounty hunters who are summoned by The Empire and Darth Vader (nerdgasm).

If true—fingers crossed but this IS a rumor—Disney and Lucasfilm should just consider using both of these concepts for a pair of Fett films instead. Just sayin'.