Bring on new Avengers members: What Ant-Man and Doctor Strange mean for Marvel's Phase 3 plans

It's been since last summer and the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con since fans of Marvel Studios have known an Ant-Man movie would be coming out after The Avengers 2, in November 2015, it has been a foregone conclusion that Ant-Man would be the first movie in Marvel's Phase 3.

Now it is official and Marvel has confirmed Ant-Man is the start of Phase 3. But it doesn't stop there. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has now confirmed they are currently working on Doctor Strange for a Phase 3 release as well.

So what does this mean for Phase 3? This might just be one person's opinion, but it sounds like Phase 3 will focus on Marvel's next wave of Avengers heroes.

Phase 1 was all about origins of the original Avengers heroes with then the formation of the team for the first time. Phase 2 is going to be some fallout from the events that occurred in the first Avengers movie and how each hero is handling those events along with some new challenges (i.e. Thanos didn't get his Tesseract and is pissed off now.).

With Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Nick Fury, the Black Widow and other characters finally established into Marvel's cinematic universe by the end of The Avengers 2, the next step is introducing a few new Avengers team members.

With Ant-Man already set to release and Doctor Strange confirmed as being in early stages of development, you can bet Marvel will move forward with only a few of their solo Avengers movies fans have grown to love. The Iron Man franchise is one movie ahead of the pack so the chance Iron Man 4 will come out in Phase 3 is slim—but that doesn't mean he won't be in The Avengers 3—especially since actor Robert Downey Jr. needs to sign a new movie deal with Marvel so he is in The Avengers 2. Perhaps, Captain America and Thor will still be a part of Phase 3 since those solo franchises need another movie to catch up to the Iron Man franchise.

Whatever the case, don't be surprised if a Black Panther or even the Inhumans (if Marvel's plan is to introduce a new secondary team of heroes in each Phase) are added to the Phase 3 list. No matter how this all shakes out it's a great time to be a Marvel movie fan, for sure!