Man of Steel Opinion: A darker, more angry Superman is a hopeful change that's done in the new movie

By Daniel Wolf

The Man of Steel is prepping to premiere its official trailer before The Hobbit and I have to admit that I'm still on the fence about this movie. I seriously hope this trailer finally sheds some light on something I've wanted from Superman for years and years now.

A more badass Superman.

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This is not to say that Superman needs change—he's been a highly successful superhero for three-quarters of a century—but I want change, specifically for the Man of Steel movie.

So far it has been confirmed that there will be a "modernization" of the character along with some brutal action and a darker tone to the movie. But will this next version of Superman really impress me?

That remains to be seen but passing judgement on it so quickly is not the way to go when you have director Zach Snyder attached to the movie and Christopher Nolan overseeing it as a producer. However, after Superman Returns absolutely flopped ... it's why I'm on the fence.

I am not the biggest Superman fan around since I prefer most of Marvel's superheroes but I've had a fascination with the "What If?" factor of Superman. As in, what if he got angry and dominated his opponent(s) without holding back? Yes, Superman cares for human safety on Earth but he is also supposed to be the most powerful being on the planet so let's see some of that. A lot more of that.

By the sounds of things, Supes' new movie could be going in this direction. But it's so tough to buy-in to the next film while Superman Returns still lingers in the back of my mind.

Maybe, in the end, this is good for me (and other fans who feel the same) when going to see the movie on June 14, 2013 because my expectations will be very low. And if the movie is good, then I'll like it even more than I would if I was really excited for it.

With so many questions, and concerns, about the Man of Steel I seriously hope the new trailer gets me a little more excited to see it.

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