X-Men: Days of Future Past to possibly introduce Fantastic Four reboot too


Fox made a brilliant move in signing comic book writer/screenwriter Mark Millar to creatively oversee their X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. Especially since he has written comics about both teams in the past. It is also a brilliant decision by Fox to use some of the basis from the Days of Future Past story arc in order to help them create a more cohesive X-Men universe, with all their past X-Men flicks.

You know what is also brilliant? The fact that The Daily SuperHero has been told there are currently some behind-the-scenes talks between the X-Men: Days of Future Past producer Bryan Singer, writer/director Matthew Vaughn and Millar behind closed doors. These talks are rumored to be about discussing whether or not it is a good idea to set up a Fantastic Four reboot at the end of the X-Men sequel since the Fantastic Four also had a presence in the Days of Future Past comic book story too.

Production starts early in 2013 and the next X-Men movie is set to hit theaters on July 18, 2014, so stay tuned as more info is due to hit the rumor mills and news wires very, very soon.

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