Did Hasbro reveal a stealth Iron Man 3 suit, a non-gold suit, the villain Firepower and drones at their booth?

New York Comic-Con photos are hitting the Internet and even though no major announcements usually come from NYCC, since San Diego Comic-Con is just three months earlier, it seems that Hasbro has teased what looks to be some spoilers for next year's Iron Man 3 movie.

Over at their booth, Hasbro showcased a few Iron Man 3 figures for an upcoming toy line which will release when the movie does in May. A new assortment, being called Micro Muggs, was on display and several of the little figures stood out. Please remember this is a lot of speculation on our part but it's kind of hard to argue with some of it too.

First, the photos below look like they start off with an unmasked Stark in a very similar suit that he wore in The Avengers, followed by the mainly gold colored suit that was revealed at SDCC this past July. But right after that looks like a new Iron Man suit that is mainly red and silver (but definitely not looking like his briefcase suit in the second film) and has not been seen before.

Next, the below photo appears to be a stealth version of an Iron Man suit and in the comics, Tony Stark does indeed have a stealth suit.

Then the next photo appears to be an enemy suit of some kind and it could be for the secondary villain Firepower, since it is assumed that not having a circle chest piece for Stark's arc reactor is the obvious sign this is not a Stark-made suit. Maybe an A.I.M. suit? (Just throwing that out there.)

Finally, the photo below looks like drones could be back in the third movie since there is no face on the figure and it looks similar to the drones seen in Iron Man 2.

(All images sourced from CoolToyReview.com and please check out their website for all the latest in new toys at NYCC.)

Again, we here at The Daily SuperHero are merely speculating what we already know about Iron Man, the third movie and information from the comic universe. Maybe we are right, maybe we are wrong but in the end it looks as if there could a lot more to Iron Man 3 than Marvel Studios has led us to believe when it comes to Stark's suits.

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