Marvel's Ant-Man movie releases in November 2015 and looks to be the first Phase 3 film as well
By Daniel Wolf

There is no longer a mystery surrounding when Marvel Studios' Ant-Man movie will release in theaters.

According to Disney and Marvel, Ant-Man will officially release on November 6, 2015 and is the second movie scheduled to release that same year after The Avengers 2 comes out on May 1.

What wasn't said, but is quite obvious, is that Ant-Man will probably be the first movie in Marvel's Phase 3 of their cinematic universe. This is assumed but looks to be more or less fact since The Avengers 2 closes out Phase 2 before Ant-Man comes out months later.

In other words, possibly look for a mid- or post-credits teaser for Ant-Man at the end The Avengers 2. And with Ant-Man leading Marvel's Phase 3, let's all hope that Ultron is introduced as the villain for a potential The Avengers 3 ensemble flick too.

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