Is the next Batman going to be the guy who played those greedy twins in The Social Network?

Right off the bat (cheap pun) it has to be said that this writer seriously had no idea the twins in The Social Network movie was not a real pair of twins. So when it was said that actor Armie Hammer was being rumored to be the next Batman on the big screen, this writer's initial thought was, "Wonder how his twin brother will feel about this?"

Crazy enough there is no twin and Hammer played twins to perfection in that film but to get to the point, he is rumored to be in line to be the next Bruce Wayne/Batman in Warner Bros.'s Justice League movie.

"Hearing, from a very good source, today that Hammer, who is now a hot commodity after such flicks as 'The Social Network' and 'Mirror Mirror,' not to mention his upcoming lead role in 'The Lone Ranger,' is 'back on WB’s radar' for the part of Batman," writes Clint Morris of "Not for a solo flick, but for the ensemble 'Justice League' movie [again].'"

Rumors have been rampant regarding the fact Warner Bros. could be rebooting Batman in their Justice League movie (and we here at The Daily SuperHero called it first!). This is just the next piece of information to give that theory a little more validity.