Thor: The Dark World rumored to have larger role for Loki than initially thought

Over in England and Iceland, Thor: The Dark World is in full production mode and while fans know the God of Thunder will be battling Malekith the Accursed and his Dark Elves, not much has been heard regarding Thor's half-brother Loki.

In a very candid interview (via Screenrant), a stuntman shared information about Loki that should be taken with a grain of salt but sounds pretty legit when it comes to building Loki into a big screen anti-hero.

Potential SPOILERS coming up!

"Thor becomes reunited with Jane who becomes possessed by a Dark Spirit, which is connected with the Dark Elves; a race the Asgardians have fallen out with many years beforehand [...] The Dark Elves attack Asgard, and they take a huge hit. So Thor has to rebuild Asgard by putting together an army to go and take the battle to the Dark Elves and defeat them. But the only way he can do this is – he needs to cross over to the Dark World, and the only person who has access to the dark side of Asgard is his old brother Loki, who at the beginning of the film is locked up in prison.

So what happens is Thor basically has to negotiate this truce with Loki, and he goes on this great trek with Jane, all three of them. They go to this far side of Asgard, which is being shot in Iceland, where they train and assemble an army to go and attack the Dark Elves’ world."

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