Doctor Strange or Black Panther? Marvel hints another movie could be announced soon
By Daniel Wolf

Even though Marvel Studios has their current Phase 2 lineup set, there are still some things questions swirling around like crazy in the rumor mill. Like, "When will the Ant-Man movie officially release (in Phase 2 or Phase 3?)?" and "Will Doctor Strange or Black Panther get a solo movie soon?"

Well, the website Newsrama had a chance to talk with Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, who teased that there is another Marvel "project" being worked on that he has to go out on the West Coast to help with.

"There is a project I am very much involved in, and I'll give you this hint. I have to go to the West Coast to work on it. There have been rumors about it little things have leaked here and there, but there has been no official announcement."

The best part about this is Quesada saying that things have been leaked here and there which doesn't say anything except to throw gasoline on the rumor mill to ignite the rumors even more. Well played sir and we will all keep a watch on more leaked information.

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