Marvel Studios is currently looking at actors to play Black Panther
By Daniel Wolf

Marvel Studios seriously couldn't be busier right now. They are currently shooting Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, prepping for principle photography on Captain America: The Winter Soldier in March 2013, rumored to start production on Ant-Man as soon as Thor is done shooting over in England and re-writing parts of the Guardians of the Galaxy script while it's still in pre-production.

Talk about being busy and it doesn't stop there because there is plenty of more work they have to do with picking the proper male and female actors for their characters. Speaking of picking actors, Marvel Studios appears to be actively looking for the right person to play the Black Panther.

Unfortunately for Noel Clarke, he will not be portraying T'Challa in theaters.

"They’re not interested, man. I’ve tried everything," Clarke said to "I’ve offered to write the film, they’re not interested. Obviously I’d love to play the part, they’re not interested."

The best part about this information is the fact Marvel seems to be looking to fill this role right now. When and where the Black Panther shows up on the big screen still remains to be seen but it's very possible he could be introduced in one of Marvel's Phase 2 flicks.

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