Captain America: The Winter Soldier rumored to get another villain with Crossbones, which could lead to the Red Skull coming back as well

Marvel Studios continues to make a ton of news and rumors in the movie industry and could hold more power in the industry than any other studio with the exception of their parent company, Disney, right now. Next up in the rumor mill is how Captain America: The Winter Soldier could be getting another villain to go along with the one in the film's title.

Crossbones is a lesser known villain in the comic book universe who doesn't have powers but is an hand-to-hand fighting expert and marksman but he has ties to the Red Skull. That last fact is the most important part seeing as how we here at The Daily SuperHero has been told by one of our sources how Marvel is attempting to bring the Red Skull back into the fray if they can make it fit into the current plot.

Another part of the Crossbones rumor says who actor Frank Gillo (The Shield and Prison Break) has visit with Marvel to audition for the role of Crossbones too.

Whether this becomes a reality or not, Crossbones will not play a major role in Cap 2 but as mentioned earlier in this post, it could lead in a way to incorporate an appearance or quick cameo of the Red Skull. But that is just a speculation on our part and Marvel would have to possibly recast the Red Skull since actor Hugo Weaving has proclaimed his hate for reprising the role in any future superhero movies.

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