Thanos' face and costume detailed in The Avengers via Marvel's Second Screen Experience app
By Daniel Wolf

If you don't know who Thanos is after his surprise cameo in the mid-credits scene of Marvel's The Avengers movie, then you better hit up Wikipedia or do some Google searching or just read up on him by clicking here and here.

What many moviegoers don't know is what Thanos really looked like in that scene at the end of the ensemble flick because the angle didn't show much of him than from the shoulders up and the lighting was pretty dark too.

Thanks to the release of The Avengers on Blu Ray and DVD, fans can now get a detailed look at Thanos but only via the smartphone app called Marvel's Second Screen Experience. If you don't have the time/patience to use a phone app, don't worry, because we got the detailed photos of Thanos' prosthetics and costume below.

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