Doctor Strange Could Appear in Thor: The Dark World Since Asgard Already Has His Orb of Agamotto

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The past week a rumor has been boiling over online regarding how Doctor Strange could be in Thor: The Dark World and another related rumor even adds to it and says actor Viggo Mortensen is in talks with Marvel Studios for this role.

Already having plot lines that include Loki being dealt with by Odin because of his hand in The Avengers movie, an expanded role for Heimdall, the Dark Elves being the main antagonists with their leader Malekith the Accursed and the villain Kurse being recently added to the cast, it seems the Thor sequel is overloaded with stuff already.

So why not add Dr. Stephen Strange, right?!

But would adding the Sorcerer Supreme even make sense?

Dang right it would and here's why.

The first reason is because Thor and Asgard is a story is filled with fantasy and magic and that is right up Doctor Strange's alley. Second, and this is the big one, Asgard already has Strange's Orb of Agamotto in its artifacts room with the Infinity Gauntlet, the Warlock's Eye, the Eternal Flame, the Casket of Ancient Winters and more. The Orb of Agamotto is what Doctor Strange uses to located where magic is being used and gives him clairvoyance when worlds or realms are in danger too.

Strange could be on the hunt to locate this magical artifact and it would be an interesting way of getting him into the Thor sequel and also into Marvel's cinematic universe too. Just a theory in the end though.

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