Rumor DEBUNKED: The Avengers Labor Day Re-Release to Have Iron Man 3 Footage at the End Credits?
By Daniel Wolf

It took very little time after Marvel Studios announced they will re-release The Avengers in theaters for a limited time during Labor Day weekend, when effects company Industrial Light & Magic dropped a bomb over on Twitter.

You read that right. "Don't forget to stay through the credits..." is what it says. And the "winky face" emoticon has to be a tease that something is different, right?!

 Maybe this references the fact there are the two post-credit scenes OR perhaps ILM and Marvel have added a new post-credits scene. Like a teaser of Iron Man 3, maybe? The Internet is a buzz about this Iron Man 3 additional scene rumor right now.

It's all speculation but there is Iron Man 3 footage out there since it was shown at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con so you can bet that the same footage could indeed be in the re-release of The Avengers this weekend.

Now will you go and see it again?!

*** UPDATE 8/31/12 10:11 a.m. ET: Marvel has clarified there IS NOT a new post-credits scene for the Labor Day re-release of The Avengers. ***

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