Iron Man 3 News: Robert Downey Jr. Rumored to be Back On-Set Soon and Filming Never Really Stopped
By Daniel Wolf 

Last week Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle, per a Marvel Studios press release, and production on Iron Man 3 was said to be halted for a short time so the actor could heal and regain his strength in his ankle again.

A new rumor from one of our Hollywood insiders says Downey Jr. is getting better to the point where he will be back on-set in the next day or two. No word on whether the actor would be 100 percent and doing his own stunts again.

Another interesting note to bring up is that when Marvel stated the production would be halted, this was not really true. There have been Facebook posts calling out for extras for Iron Man 3 (all casting calls are under the production's alter-ego name, Caged Heat). Some of these recent posts are in the last few days and say they are seeking certain people for shoots as soon as even that same evening.

In other words, Iron Man 3 has been shooting and is still in production even though Downey Jr. was injured. But they obviously cannot film anything with the actor in it, so it's safe to assume they've been shooting other scenes and B-roll for the flick without their star to maintain their production schedule for a May 2013 release date.

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