Marvel Studios Moves ARMOR WARS From Disney+ Series to a Theatrical Movie Release

Actor Don Cheadle was already getting the starring role treatment for his ARMOR WARS series on Disney+, but now Marvel Studios has decided to develop it into a full blown theatrical movie release. 

The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news and it was quickly confirmed by Marvel Studios in the following press release:

"Don Cheadle is still suiting up, but now he’s going to do it on the big screen.

"As announced by The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios' upcoming Armor Wars — which was slated to be a series on Disney+, with Cheadle reprising his longtime role as James 'Rhodey' Rhodes aka War Machine — is now making the jump to a theatrical release. According to THR, during the development process for the series, it was decided that the story being told was better suited for a feature film, rather than a Disney+ series. Yassir Lester, who has been serving as head writer on the show, is now shifting over to write the feature.

"Recently, at D23 Expo 2022, a brand new logo for Armor Wars was revealed, with the title asking the question: What happens if Tony Stark’s tech falls into the wrong hands?"

No release date has been set for ARMOR WARS.