John Krasinski Gets in on the DEADPOOL 3 Trolling Game With a Possible Reed Richards Tease

Fans everywhere better be ready for nearly two years of trolling when it comes to DEADPOOL 3. Of course Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will lead the trolling charge, but a new entry into the trolling game has now taken place.

Actor John Krasinski has taken to social media to troll and tease that perhaps Reed Richards will be a part of DEADPOOL 3.

Obviously no one outside of the Marvel Studios inner circle knows if Krasinski will reprise his role as Reed Richards in DEADPOOL 3. But who better to get both Deadpool and Wolverine out of their universe and into the Marvel Cinematic Universe than Mr. Fantastic himself.

But before you get too excited, DEADPOOL 3 director Shawn Levy responded to Krasinski that it's his movie and not Krasinki's. 

This does not mean that Reed Richards can't still show up in DEADPOOL 3. Hope you're ready for stuff like this for a long time.

DEADPOOL 3 releases on September 6, 2024... two months before Marvel Studios' FANTASTIC FOUR movie releases on November 8, 2024.