Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Review Interview Exclusive With The Force Geeks Podcast

Guess what?! I experienced Walt Disney World's Star Wars Starcruiser less than a week ago and the fellas over on The Force Geeks Podcast invited me on to talk about my experience.

This is a spoiler-free interview about the Starcruiser and no big narrative points or endings are revealed and I apologize in advance for all the times I say "cool" and "um" in this recording.

But first a disclaimer... I am a longtime Disney Visa Rewards card owner and initially saved my rewards for and I used all I built up to drastically reduce the cost of my stay since the price is high. I highly recommend getting one of these cards to funnel as many of your expenses through it to gain rewards points to help you with costs. Click here to enroll in the card with this referral link

Take a listen to it either on Apple or Spotify below...