ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE Review: A Longer, Slower Movie With the Same Story and Action Beats But Not Much Else

Now that ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE is available for anyone to watch on HBO MAX, it seems unnecessary to even write a review on this four-hour movie. So I won't since this movie has been overly hyped and isn't much different from the story and action beats as seen in its previous release. 

Here's just some quick commentary on this unnecessarily long film.

First, the story and bones of the theatrical release are still the same. Just drawn out longer in between the same action beats and recut. Sure, it gives more character development to Cyborg and Flash, but other additions in between the action just add to the length of the movie in a way that is mostly not needed. 

Second, Snyder's obsession with slow motion is fully on display. This also caused the movie to wear me down. I get it, he loves using lots of slo-mo to try and create some dramatic effect. But just stop it.

Third, the pacing is terrible because of the above two points. This film could have easily got its point across but cut down to a three-hour runtime, more in line with the LORD OF THE RINGS films. Heck, it could have even been a two-and-half hour movie cutting out more stuff in between the action beats. I felt exhausted after this movie ended, and not because it was exhilarating, but because it was too drawn out. 

Next, with some of the open-ended story beats left at the end the cries from Snyder fandom will not stop. This alone is a problem because recent reports have stated how Snyder has said Warner Bros. has not talked to him about continuing these open-ending story lines at the end of this movie. So get ready for non-stop fan cries of wanting a sequel. (Ugh.)

Finally, the disclaimer at the start saying how the film is in 4:3 aspect to protect Snyder's vision. How much more pretentious can this guy be?

Some will agree this movie is a drag, others will not. I understand, and I will say this movie is in fact way better than the theatrical release was. However, this cut of the movie really did not bring anything new to the table except to make it longer and a bit more cohesive than the last version. And by the way, it's not six-parts it's seven-parts including a never-ending epilogue. 

I hope this is the end of Snyder's DCEU because the whole thing needs to be rebooted just like what Warner Bros. is now doing with THE BATMAN movie. Sorry not sorry.

Written by Daniel Wolf, Founder and Publisher