SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 14 Review: The Bodyguard

After the spectacular 100th episode of Supergirl, we get back to the current issue, Obsidian. Alex, Kara, and Nia get a taste of Obsidian Platinum lenses. It gives the wearer a more realistic feeling of being in a virtual world. They can really taste and feel things in this world. It’s a good thing that Kara is there because someone tries to kill Andrea by making an elevator drop but Supergirl saves her just in time. There is a note in her office threatening to kill her if she doesn’t stop the launch of Obsidian platinum, which she won’t, of course. 

Brainy is still working with Lex. He is trying to administer the Mortality Code so they can weaken Leviathan but they need to know their base of operations first. Lex wants to take the attack on Andrea and use it to lure Gemma Cooper out. Lex uses his leverage over Supergirl to get her to guard over Andrea. Here starts the Luthor threats. 

With her new assignment, Supergirl goes to Alex and J’onn to let them know how interested Lex is in the launch and they work on investigating who attacked Andrea. Alex is getting used to being on her own without a gun or the DEO back up. Her and J’onn track down a lead on a possible alien species who attacked Andrea, a Chlorophyllian. A bar patron gives them a tip about one who was living off Route 89. They call Brainy to see if he can help and he straight up lies to them and says there’s no record of anyone there. He is feeling doubtful about his actions but after speaking with one of the other Brainy’s, he continues with what needs to be done. This won’t end up well for him. 

Supergirl sticks close to Andrea all day for the launch. William is also there to cover the launch. Both of them reveal their uneasiness about this VR world and how it could end our badly. Andrea is practicing her speech when the Chlorophyllian attacks and Supergirl saves her. The alien disappears quickly. Well, I suppose that was easy. Supergirl wants to cancel the launch but Andrea refuses. 

J’onn and Alex go to the farmhouse on Route 89 and see schematics of a weapon by the alien. The Chlorophyllian attacks them and sets the farm on fire leaving J’onn unconscious. Alex sends a message to Supergirl who immediately drops Andrea from the launch to the DEO and goes to rescue them. They learn that the gauntlets that the alien was wearing helped to use J’onn’s power against him. 

At the farm, they find a letter from the Chlorophyllian attacks that live there. They find that the alien died after being addicted to the Obsidian VR. The alien attacking him now is, Amy, the wife of the deceased man and wants revenge. There’s the downside of Obsidian. 

Supergirl gets to Catco as Amy starts attacking. She’s a formidable opponent as Amy can use her powers against her. Nia, J’onn, and Alex all show up for back up. Brainy gets to the DEO when he finds out that there could be an energy surge from a failsafe that explodes the transformers around the city. Andrea wants to help but he leaves her there. Andrea finds out she can travel through shadows after hitting the wall in the DEO and ending up at Catco. Luckily, Supergirl convinces Amy of the damage she’d be doing and stops her. 

This does nothing to assuage Andrea’s position. She still believes that she is doing good and that more people will benefit than suffer. Supergirl can only do so much in a day. 

Alex is given a gift from J’onn. A gift from his home world that can transform into any weapon that she wants. This helps her to feel more settled into her role and more helpful. 

With there being success in animal trials with Non Nocere, Lena has gotten a bunch of prisoners to volunteer in human trials. There seems to be some success when a normally violent prisoner becomes more cordial. However, the effects on another prisoner, Steve, who is usually extremely fearful, is the opposite. He only feels revenge and wants violence. Lena feels guilty but eventually is successful in correcting this error. This just gives her the satisfaction that she is doing the right thing. 

Kara decides to accept William’s offer of going out on a date after spending the day with him as Supergirl. 

Andrea is discovering more of what she can do, Lena is feeling more and more vindicated in her work and Lex is working the strings behind almost everything. With Gemma seemingly heading up Leviathan, it’s only a matter of time before she shows her hand or Lex gets the upper hand on them.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer