SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 10 Review: The Bottle Episode

Everyone is dealing with the aftermath of the Crisis event. While most things in National City are the same, the most jaw dropping event is Lex Luthor being on the side of the angels. Kara is jarred by seeing Lex and Lena working together with the DEO. With everyone but Lena knowing the truth, Kara decides that she needs to give her back her memories. 

What Kara doesn’t know is that Lena has actually retained her memories. Lena is more stunned to see Lex in her apartment and to learn that in this new Earth they work together. Lex tried to convince her that since the world sees them as wealthy philanthropist, it gives them the perfect cover to wreak havoc. Kara comes by to talk to Lena as well but Lena is still sour that she didn’t tell her the truth about being Supergirl. It’s getting kind of old and she needs to get over it. 

Meanwhile, Brainy and Nia run across some kind of doppelgänger of Brainy. When they go into the DEO and find several other Brainiac 5 including a female version who claims to be the director of the DEO. Needless to say, things are a bit awry and only get worse as one of the clones dies before warning to keep the bottle away from someone. 

After finding that the Brainy who died, died of a virus, the others quickly establish that they’re being targeted. Brainy Prime (our brainy) is less than sensitive in announcing their universes are gone and there’s only one now. It gives the others a bit of a shock. Lex calls in Kara and Alex and claims he wants to play nice and invites her to do the same. Kara still rightly suspicious, keeps her distance. 

Supergirl, Brainy, and another one of the Brainy 5’s go to Al’s Bar where they believe a wormhole brought them all to this world. At Al’s, they see some familiar faces, including alternate universe Al and the witches who created Reign. In their universe though, they were simply alien tourists. 

Lena goes to the Luthor Foundation where mommy dearest herself, Lillian is currently running the show. Lex has told her everything that happened as well. Lena asks to partner up with her so they can work together to fix people. Lillian doesn’t want to risk her cushy gig where’s she’s not behind bars. She recommends Lex over Supergirl because Lena won’t ever trust Lex. So all three Luthors are out and about, can’t be good for anyone. 

The female Brainy finds Brainy Prime at Al’s bar and questions why he’s been slower than the others. He shows her that he wears a personality inhibitor. She appalled at how he restrained himself like that while he believes he’s protecting his friends and loved one. Female Brainy tells him that the people who love him will accept him for who he is. 

Nia comes to the DEO and finds one of the other Brainys acting suspicious. He drops his nervous alien ruse and revealed that he shrank and bottled his Earth and everyone inside is in stasis. He’s looking for a device to open the bottle and attacks Nia to get to it. Supergirl and Brainy hear the fight from Al’s barn and get there before Evil Brainy hurts Nia. He quickly grabs the bottle and disappears into a portal. Female Brainy and Alex joins them as Nia explains his plan. However, trying to release the Earth that Evil Brainy bottle would only destroy both his world and theirs. 

Brainy is upset that he didn’t see this coming because his personality inhibitors helped Evil Brainy fool them all. Brainy tells Supergirl how his father gave him the personality inhibitors after fearing he’d become like his mother (who bottled a planet before just for her son). Supergirl assures him that he is good and that his friends will always stay by him. 

Through their talk, they realize that Evil Brainy can get the witches to open the bottle for him. They rush to Al’s with Nia in time to see the witches working their magic. As they’re getting their butts handed to them rather badly, Nia tells Brainy to take off his personality inhibitors. This gives him the strength to stop the witches and Evil Brainy by convincing them that they may one day be able to find a way to safely unbottle his Earth. Evil Brainy relents and he, with the witches, are absorbed into the bottle. Well that takes care of that problem. 

The two remaining Braniacs decide they want to live in a corporal form inside the Big Brain. A Coluian network that connects them all. Before the Female Brainy leaves, she tells him he needs to work with Lex Luthor and against Leviathan but he needs to do it alone or else the world will be in danger, like hers was. This leads Brainy to break up Nia because apparently these two kids can never make it work. 

Speaking of Lex, he convinces Lena to work with him by using the truth seeker on himself to answer her questions that he doesn’t want to be alone and wants to have a partnership with her. Even though it’s painfully clear, Leviathan is the only thing that really scares him and he wants people to use against them. 

Lex’s good guy persona is faltering though. At a Luthorcorp press corps, William mentions his distrust in Lex to Kara. In this world, Lex tried to buy his friend Russell’s company but ended up dead. On top of that Mama Luthor and Lex seem awfully chummy all of a sudden. Suspicious. 

That’s not all. Brainy informs Lex that he wants to help him defeat Leviathan when he knows the others will work against him. Lex shares the information that doppelgänger from the future made his way through the wormhole and can help them with information on Leviathan. That man is the doppelgänger of Winn. 

So Lex and Lena are officially big players going into the next half of the season. It’ll be interesting to see if Lena is finally going to be a full fledged villain with her brother and mother or find her way back to the good guys. 

On the topic of Collins, Andrea is pushing Obsidian to her team when Gemma Cooper, aka, a member of Leviathan shows up. Apparently, in this world she is an old college friend of Andrea’s. She is trying to peddle Obsidian being used so people could actually live inside the virtual world. Leviathan controlling Obsidian is bound to have bad outcomes for everyone involved. It’s especially interesting to see how Lex is concerned about them if he didn’t know anything about them before they were mentioned to him. We shall see next time on Supergirl.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer