The crisis continues! When we last left our heroes, the anti-monitor successfully wiped out the whole multiverse. The only ones who survived are the seven paragons who were sent to the vanishing point. Well, technically 6 paragons as Lex Luthor traded places with Superman. He’s like a cockroach.

Ten thousand years into the past, Mar Novu was a simple time traveler with his wife monitoring his activity. He time traveled to the dawn of time where he saw anti-matter. Before he could get back to his time, he created a breach was pulled into an alternate universe where he came face to face with the anti-monitor. More on that eventually.

Months have passed at the vanishing point and the paragon team is barely holding it together. Everyone has lost hope and any idea of what to do. Barry has gone missing completely. Ryan, the paragon of humanity and Lex Luthor are the only ones trying to do something. They attempt to repurpose time master technology found in the vanishing point. They manage to build a transporter and they force Lex to test it out but it doesn’t work. However, Barry returns. He believes he only left moments ago to try and get into the speed force but realizes there is no way out. Fantastic. 

Oliver, his soul stuck in purgatory, is preparing for his fight against the anti-monitor. As Barry is trying to get back to the speed force, despite the others attempting to stop him, Oliver shows up and tells them the speed force is their only choice. Appropriately stunned, he explains he’s not just Oliver Queen but also Spectre. He says that some of the paragons needs to travel to the point in time that Mar Novu breached the other universe and let the anti-monitor out. The others need to fight at the dawn of time. 

Kara, Ryan, and Lex go to Maltus to try to find and stop Mar Novu. Lex sneaks away and when Kara and Ryan find him, he knocks them out using powers he gave himself. Always being a dick. Barry and the others get trapped in the speed force when the anti-monitor attacks. Oliver tells Barry he needs to find each of them through memories and connections he had to each person before they fall out of the speed force and are lost forever. 

Barry even bumps into an alternate Barry Allen in the speed force (played by the DC cinematic universe actor Ezra Miller). They are both comically confused to their presence but the other Barry disappears and out Barry continues to look for his friends. Barry finds Oliver first and also gets him to admit that he sacrificed his life so Kara and Barry would survive. He’s shaken by this news but finds Sara, J’onn, and Kate in the speed force. 

On Maltus, Lex is busy trying to weasel his way into getting Novu to help him in the future by telling him how traveling to the dawn of time is going to affect the multiverse and trying to manipulate the outcome. Typical. Kara and Ryan find Lex. Ryan convinces Novu that risking the trip to the dawn of time isn’t worth it. 

Barry comes moments later and takes them to the dawn of time where the others are. However, the anti-monitor is still there. Since there are multiple universes, there are multiple Novu’s who can’t help but go back in time and breach into the anti-matter universe. So it was basically a huge waste of time. 

Oliver tells them that they’re there for a reason. They need to hold off the anti-monitor and the creepy shadow demons while he rebirths the universe. Ominous but okay. The paragon focus on fighting off the shadows while Oliver fights against the anti-monitor and uses his power as spectate to “rebirth” a new universe. The paragons of hope, love, courage, humanity, truth, destiny, and honor help by apparently staring really hard at Oliver. Oliver is mortally wounded, again, but they’re successful. He says his last goodbye to Barry and Sara and makes them promise to look after his family. He dies. Again. 

Honestly, this episode of the crossover felt a little underwhelming. Essentially, nothing much really happened in this episode and the bulk of the action was at the end. Plus this is like the second time Oliver has “died” in 4 episodes. It’s getting old. I’m hoping that the ending to the Crisis on Infinite Earths will be more satisfying and end on a high note.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer