SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 8 Review: The Wrath of Rama Khan

In the aftermath of Lena revealing her evil intentions, Alex and Brainy find Supergirl captured by the fortress’s own defense. Brainy gets her out and Supergirl barely explains to them what Lena did before she goes after her. Supergirl finds that she went to Mount Norquay, an old hideout of Lex Luthor’s. With Myriad now in her possession, Lena commands Hope to prepare Non-Nocere. When Supergirl gets to the mountain, Lex’s countermeasures automatically deploy. However, when Kryptonite is about to be fired on Supergirl, Lena overrides the command. Kara is hurt by this blatant attack but vows not to give up on her.

Rama Khan is about to be put out on his ass. Their super villain group is not pleased with his performance. The woman peddling technology as a way to keep humans at bay agreed to do things his way and suggests that he make a volcano erupt (similar to the one he apparently erupted in Pompeii). Rama Khan goes to Andrea and forces her to help him. 

Kara is frazzled by what happened at the Fortress and wants to immediately contact Lena but Alex makes her explain everything that happened. Alex is surprised by Lena’s deception but more upset that she stole Myriad. Kara believes that Lena isn’t trying to mind control the population and J’onn shows up with Malefic to shine some light on her plans. 

Malefic tells them all about how he was Lena’s prisoner. He tells him that Lena does intend to use Myriad to make sure people do no harm to each other but Alex is still upset she is trying to mind control the population. Kara refuses to give up on her. Supergirl trying to save everyone as usual. Alex agrees to do things her way. Brainy sets up a holographic projector so Lena can see her. Kara asks her not to use Myriad and appeals to her not to take her mistake as a reason to turn into Lex. Lena refuses to listen to her and sends the hologram away. Alex takes Kara aside and reminds her that Lena has done questionable things in the past, like create Krytponite and not tell them and found out who Reign was and kept it from them. Kara refuses to believe that Lena can’t be saved but Brainy had already sent a virus to the mainframe (through Kara’s hologram) where Lena is to stall Myriad and Alex is prepared to take drastic actions. Kara and Alex are definitely seeing things differently. Alex may be getting a bit harsh, but Myriad can inflict a lot of danger if someone gets hold of it. Kara goes to J’onn to see if he can convince Alex to stand down. J’onn reminds her that he talked to Malefic and that worked, but she tried to talk to Lena already and she’s not responding. Malefic offers to counteract the Q-Waves Lena is using to stop Myriad despite the fact that it could kill him. 

When Andrea realizes what Rama Khan is doing, she quickly gets to the DEO and warns Supergirl that Rama Khan is trying to destroy the earth but Rama Khan pulled her from the shadows. He seemingly freezes her in place with his staff to power the eruption. Now dealing with Lena and Rama Khan, the team splits up. They quickly realize he’s trying to recreate a Pompeiian type of event across from tar pits. Kara and J’onn try to convince Alex about Malefic’s chances of stopping Lena instead of Alex launching a missile at her. Alex is unsure about suddenly trust Kalefic who could just worsen the situation. J’onn understands her concerns and leaves the decision up to her. 

Hope and Lena aren’t having any luck getting their plans on. Their satellites are completely out of array due to the earthquake Rama Khan set off. Hope wants to take it upon herself to reposition them manually despite Lex’s countermeasures. Lena doesn’t want her to and calls her a friend, but Hope reminds her she isn’t a friend. Lena agrees and lets her leave. Hello? Does anyone remember she invaded Eve’s body? So much for not harming people. 

Kara gets the canon and meets J’onn at the tar pits where Rama Khan is waiting for them. Rama Khan is certainly a force to be reckoned with. They realize that he’s also using the staff to make the volcano erupt. Alex decides to use Malefic but to also prepare the missile in case he betrays them. Perfect time because Hope has rearranged the satellites and Myriad will reach earth in seconds. However, his power can only be increased by all of them removing their psychic inhibitors. Alex knows that this is a huge risk for someone she doesn’t trust but Brainy convinces her to trust J’onn. They turn off their inhibitors and Malefic successfully stops Myriad. Kara keeps Rama Khan busy while J’onn gets the staff away from Andrea and stops the volcano. Kara kicks him into the tar pits and freezes him. They think they have him captured but he jumps out, but Andrea knocks him into the tar pit, falling in with him. 

Using the shadows, they’re brought back to their lair. Before Rama Khan can try to kill Andrea, the blond woman obsessed with technology stops him. Andrea disappears as The woman basically dethrones him. 

Lena is desolate that her plan didn’t work. She and Hope go back to her lab where the FBI swarm. Lena hands her a gun and Hope takes the blame, claiming she did everything and forced Lena to help. What a cowardly move for a Luthor. Alex and Kara have a heart to heart. 

Alex tells Kara what happened with Lena and Eve. They both know that “Eve” taking the fall for Lena is a lie. Alex agrees that they did the right thing and they should try to save Lena. 

J’onn tells Malefic that back at Mars, M’gann will help him find his place and bring peace to Mars. Every time J’onn finds his Martian family, he loses him. It’s so sad. They didn’t even have a chance to really bond. Though suffice to say, this won’t be the last we see of him. 

Pretty darn good midseason finale. There was a lot packed in but it also sets up for a lot of things to come. Lena is now public enemy number one for the DEO and despite Kara wanting to save her. I’m sure there will be a backlash on how Alex is so gung-ho to take out Lena, but considering Lena’s actions leading up to this moment and how she now wants to go up against Kara, it’s not out of the norm for Alex to take out anyone who wants to hurt her sister and control the world. 

The episode sets up for the crossover we’ve been waiting for. The Monitor confronts J’onn. J’onn realizes that he let his brother out of the Phantom Zone. The monitor tells J’onn that he is now ready to deal with a crisis that’s coming. After that interacting, the Monitor pops up to see Lex Luthor playing chess by himself in some strange limbo. The Monitor tells him he brought him back because the universe needs him to fulfill his destiny and be a hero. Yeah. Right. In Central City on Earth 1, we see Harrison Wells talking to a panel and when he presses on it, he’s sucked into a bright light. Oooh. More to see when the 5 show crossover starts on Monday with Supergirl.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer