Batwoman: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 2 Review

Continuing the epic DCTV crossover on Batwoman, the episode starts off with Sara, Kara and Kate mourning Oliver. Barry is still not handling it well. Lyla comes back to tell Sara that she has basically commandeered all the waveriders on all the earths so that they can use Ray’s lab. Lyla goes to Earth-74 and attempts to take the waverider but it is inhabited by the lone member of the Legends team, Mick Rory. He agrees to help. 

The Monitor gives the superheroes their next mission; to find 7 paragons who are going to help save the world. He magically got this information from the Book of Destiny that he managed to go in time and get. Yet, he can’t bring back Oliver or the other Earths. Convenient. It also turns out that Kara is the Paragon of Hope and Sara is the Paragon of Destiny. How lucky for them. 

Supergirl is barely holding it together knowing that her Earth has been erased. When the Monitor shows up with Lex Luthor claiming they need his help, her faith wanes. Kate convinces Kara to go with her to find the next paragon, Batman aka, her cousin Bruce on another earth. They depart to Earth-99. They go to Bruce’s mansion (played by Kevin Conroy the voice of Batman on the animated series). After having to barge in since Luke Fox won’t let them in, Bruce allows them entrance. Bruce is old, for one, and in a full exoskeleton suit that he got from years of injuries. After revealing that his Kate has been dead 5 years, she tells him why she is here. He doesn’t believe he is a paragon of courage after all the killing he’s done. She refuses to take no for an answer. 

Kara, meanwhile, finds a room full of trophies where Bruce has collected the things he’s taken from his enemies. This includes Clark Kent’s glasses. She’s disturbed to learn Bruce killed Superman on that Earth. She tells Kate and after hearing how Bruce thinks their universe should perish, she’s inclined to agree with Kara. He tries to attack Kara with Kryptonite and Kate accidentally kills him to protect her. 

Meanwhile, Lyla fails to stop Lex from taking the book of destiny and disappearing to kill Superman but this is apparently what the monitor wants. This guy is super annoying. To top it off, Barry and Mia want to go to one of the remaining Earth’s and use the Lazarus Pit to bring back Oliver. Of course, Sara tries to warn Mia against it but she refuses to hear her. They enroll Constantine into their journey and he finds a Earth with a functioning Lazarus Pit. 

Clark and Lois are looking for the next Paragon, a Superman from another earth. They’re actually following their mission but Lex is jumping from Earth to Earth and killing off Supermen. Clark and Lois go to the next Earth. Earth 167 holds Clark and Lois in domestic bliss in Smallville. Clark, Lois, and Iris try to warn this Clark but Lex shows up and sends them away with the book of destiny. Lex is disappointed to see that Clark gave up his powers for his family and leaves. 

The Superman team goes to Earth 96 where they find the next Clark Kent who suspiciously looks like Ray. This Clark Kent’s life is super sad. Apparently, someone from Gotham (hint hint) decided he wasn’t being covered enough and gassed the whole building killing Lois, Jimmy, and Perry White. They determine he is the paragon who has endured loss. They prepare to face Lex but he shows up and forces Earth 96’s Superman to attack their Superman. Their Superman is getting his ass kicked until Lois knocks Lex out and they manage to get him to stop attacking. Right now they seem to be the only team actually succeeding with their mission. 

Back on the Waverider, the Superteam is back. Lex is locked up and they’ve got their paragon. Kate and Kara come back to give them the news about Bruce and Kara’s suspicion only grows. Meanwhile, Ray has built a paragon detector and it shows the Paragon of Courage is Kate. 

On Earth 18, the revive Oliver Queen team prepares to put him in the Lazarus Pit. Mia and Sara knock out an unwanted visitor, Jonah Hex, and Constantine and Barry put Oliver in the Lazarus Pit. They put in Oliver’s body and it takes a while until he finally gets out but like Sara, he doesn’t have his soul. Constantine attempts to bring back his soul but he’s lost his magic due to all the antimatter from the crisis. Well what a complete waste of time for them. 

Kate is kind of reeling from this news but Kara assures that she has courage. On top of that, Kara plans to use the book of destiny to bring back Earth 38. 

So to recap, Kara, Kate, Superman from Earth 96, and Sara are all Paragons. They have three more left to find. Lyla is hearing voices and is brought before the Anti-Monitor to help him destroy the rest of the earths. With all of the cameos from previous DC shows, this crossover is actually much more entertaining than expected if not a tad crowded with all the characters. The Crisis on Infinite Earth continues on The Flash.
Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer