SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Confidence Woman

A whole episode dedicated to Lena and Andrea finally clear some things up. With Rip Roar still with the DEO, William is brought there by Supergirl and Alex. They believe that he can still reach his friend. However, before they can attempt anything, the power goes out and they’re attached by a villian who can disappear into the shadows. She attempts to get Rip Roar out but Alex and Supergirl stop her. She takes off and it turns out to be none other than Andrea Rojas. 

Andrea goes to Lena next and surprisingly spills that she works for the people who started the tidal wave and they want her to kill Rip Roar. However, Andrea wants to save him. Lena doesn’t want to help her break into the DEO. 

Flashback time: Andrea and Lena met at boarding school fifteen years ago. They quickly grow close as they both have absent parents. Lena tells her a story about a girl who went into the wild to find the Medallion of Acrata to save her village. It was told to give the ability to manipulate shadows. Andrea agrees to help her find it. 

Five years before the present era, Lex tells Lena his plan of trying to kill Superman. Yep, not the first time. He threatens to fire her if she doesn’t help. At the same time in Argentina, Andrea’s father is devastated that because of a rival company's new phone, he has to let go of 70-percent of his company. Andrea and Lena meet up. They discuss each other’s problem. Lena has a solution to hers. She intends to find the element that Lex wants to use to kill Superman before he does. The element that just so happens to look the same as the Medallion of Acrata. Andrea agrees to go with her while she and her father wait for their company’s board to discuss what will happen next. 

In the Costa Rican jungle, they search for the medallion. Andrea falls in a trap door and she finds the medallion. However, there is a man waiting for her. He says he works for Leviathan and he promised her that her father will live well if she takes the medallion and doesn’t give it to Lena. When she’s home, magically, the rival company is no longer a threat as it is discovered that their phone is faulty. Leviathan does work pretty fast. 

Not long after, Lena is saved when Lex tries to create a red sun and he is taken to prison. Her boyfriend at the time, Jack, is there to take her away to London for a few days. There she sees Andrea who flaunting the medallion her neck. Lena is upset by this betrayal and so ends their friendship. No wonder Lena has trust issues. Two months after this, Lena decides she’s moving to National City. At the same time, Andrea meets Russell. 

Six months later, Lena is thriving in National City despite keeping Kara at arms length. Andrea and Russell are still dating, but when a member of Leviathan (the same woman she currently deals with) comes to her and demands she kills someone or her father will die. Using the medallion to manipulate shadows so she can get to the address. She snaps the neck of a Governor Harper and disappears. Well, there was no hesitation there. 

As Lena starts allowing herself to make friends in National City, Andrea is suffering. Russell can see she is hiding something and when he finds the medallion with blood on it, the woman from Leviathan and two other thugs prepare to kill him. Andrea saves him by telling the woman how his technology can be used to bring people back from the brink of death. They keep Russell alive but outfit him as Rip Roar. After Lena learns about Kara’s secret life, she decides that she doesn’t need anyone. She just wants to use them. It’s then she calls Andrea to sell her Catco. 

After Andrea reveals everything that happened, Lena isn’t very sympathetic until Andrea shows her what the medallion can do. It’s only then that she tells her that she’ll help. Hello. That should’ve sounded alarm bells. 

Supergirl is watching over Rip Roar. She invokes a response out of him when she mentions William and he tells her that he is being controlled by Leviathan. Before Supergirl can question him, Lena sets off the signal she gave her. While Lena is pretending to have been attacked, Andrea gets into the DEO. Lena gave Andrea a device that she made that will make sure no agent will harm her. However, J’onn can feel the psychic attack and warns Alex who puts in the psychic inhibitor bud. As she walks around, every agent is frozen. Luckily J’onn comes by to assist her whn Andrea attacks her. They’re both outnumbered when the other agents try to stop them from doing harm. After Alex yells for Supergirl, she rushes back to the DEO. However, Andrea still escapes with Russell. 

Back in Lena’s lab, Lena now demands that Andrea give her the medallion or she’ll make Russell cut his own throat. Andrea gives it to her and leaves. At the DEO, they determine Malefic isn’t behind this despite how the agents were incepted. Supergirl gives them the name Leviathan and how Rip Roar said they were behind everything. They start looking into that. 

Andrea is trying to get Russell to safety when an older male member of Leviathan shoots him square in the chest. He insists she can’t run from what she promised and she still has the powers because the medallion only activated them. Due to this, Lena isn’t able to access any of the properties the medallion may have held. But she is able to decipher the coding on the medallion and that it says Leviathan. Hope is ordered to find any memories about Leviathan in Eve’s brain. 

Looks like Leviathan is coming up to be the big bad sooner rather than later. With Andrea, the DEO, Supergirl and now Lena all being somehow involved with Leviathan, it’s only a matter of time before Leviathan starts to manipulate one or all of them. 

Brainy knows right off the bat that Malefic wasn’t involved with the agents being incepted in the DEO. It seems like he may know who could have the power technology to manipulate people. Alone with the staged attack on Lena, it may not take long for Kara to figure out that Lena manipulated her as well. Without the protection of Supergirl, Lena will may be forced to or willingly join Levithan.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer