SUPERGIRL Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Event Horizon

We’re back and this is probably one of the best premieres yet. We’re quickly reminded that Lena knows Kara’s secret and has been running virtual reality sessions where she confronts her and kills her. Not the best type of therapy. However, as she speaks to her new bff AI, Hope, she claims she doesn’t want to kill her, she just wants to her hurt her. Not exactly better. 

Apparently, these virtual reality contact lenses are not a Luthor original. At the coffee shop, Kara grabs a drink with J’onn, Alex and Kelly. A company called Obsidian North has created augmented reality contact lenses for people. It’s weird and it’s upsetting to Kara who thinks that people are hiding behind them instead of paying attention to what has been happening. She tries to look on the bright side like the others. She’s getting a Pulitzer for her article, J’onn is living mindfully, Kelly has a job with Obsidian North and Alex is thriving at the DEO. 

Alex reminds Kara that she needs to tell Lena, but Kara is concerned about her reaction. If Lena’s earlier reaction is any indication, it will not end well. At Catco, everything seems to be business as usual until one of the higher-ups of Obsidian North, Andrea Rojas decides to pop by and casually tell them Lena sold her the company and the building and she is now editor-in-chief. Wow. That’s cold. 

Kara comes by to see Lena to ask her about this buyout. Lena plays the dutiful best friend perfectly while also making comments about leaving her in the dark. Kara is about to tell her the truth when the duties of Supergirl causes her to run off. At a museum, which has an exhibit about Krypton, an alien child has shape-shifted into a dinosaur. J’onn comes by to help her but he is psychically paralyzed and the alien takes off with the pod. Kara gets him to the DEO where the paralysis wears off but their main concern is now the pod which could possibly be turned into a bomb. 

Kelly is fitting in well at Obsidian North. Lena comes down to see Andrea and berate her for letting James and Kara know a day earlier that she sold the company. There seems to be no love lost between these two despite Lena’s earlier praises to Kara. Andrea also makes sure that she knows to keep her word about giving her a story that will break the news. Lena assures her she’ll have it the next day at nine. 

Andrea has many ideas to change Catco including pushing their articles towards less Pulitzer and newsworthy and more fun and unsubstantial articles. James and Kara stand up to her changes but she threatens to enact their non-compete clauses so they can’t work for anyone else. She’s obviously not here to be liked and it should be a huge hint that Lena is not exactly on their side anymore. 

The creepy alien kid has used the pod to create a homemade Phantom Zone projector and brought someone through. That didn’t take long for her to manipulate it. The team has found it to easily and they realize too late that it’s a trap. An alien named Midnight has come for the person who locked her up, J’onn Jonz. Before they can capture her, she disappears. J’onn gives them her background. Midnight showed up on Mars from who knows where. She fought against the Green Martians because she’s fueled by death. 

Kara tries to get out of accepting her award by saying she needs to search for her but Alex tells her she needs to be there and they’ll be there to support her. She’ll need the support after Andrea brings her and tells her she’s bringing in a writer, William Day, to rewrite one of her articles to make it more clickable. Kara gets very heated and makes it known she’s going to write news no matter how many times she tries to Kara and Alex arrive to get her Pulitzer. Alex is nothing but a proud sister and implores her to enjoy her night. Brainy even shows up to give her a present. Ever since Supergirl’s cape was damaged, she’s been having a hard time flying. Brainy gives her exactly what she needs. He implants a motion activator on her glasses so when she takes them off, her suit with materializes. Very snazzy. 

Unfortunately, Kara only becomes more uneasy when she finds Lena and is told she’ll be introducing her. She can’t hold it in any longer and blurts out the truth. She apologizes and explains why she hid it from her and admits that she should’ve told her. Lena is speechless. She says nothing to her before she walks off. 

Lena introduces her and seems to accept her apology with her words of kindness and telling her personally how she’ll always be her best friend. Their uneasy reconciliation is short-lived as Midnight makes her appearance. Supergirl transforms into her new suit and helps J’onn and the others send Midnight back to the Phantom Zone, but this is not before she creates a black hole and sends J’onn through it. Supergirl doesn’t hesitate to go through it and get him out before destroying it with her heat vision. The creepy alien girl looks on from above. 

After all the drama has settled, James goes to Andrea (who is yelling at an IT guy about not getting her file promised by Lena) and simply quits, knowing he won’t be a journalist and looking forward to a new future. 

J’onn goes to his office where the creepy alien kid is waiting. The kid transforms into a Green Martian and claims to be his brother. J’onn has no memory of a brother. The martian claims that J’onn and his father are evil and they’ll pay for their crimes. They charge at each other but due to some strange psychic connection, they’re thrown back. 

Kara comes to see Lena. She again thanks her for accepting her apologize. Lena makes it clear she needs to be kept in the loop from now on. Kara even gives her the special Supergirl beacon that she can use whenever she needs to. When Kara leaves, Lena’s AI asks her why she didn’t send the file that would expose Supergirl and if she forgave Kara. Lena claims she’ll never forgive Kara and that she can now use Supergirl for her own gain. Lena obviously still has some trust issues to work out that doesn't involve virtually killing Supergirl. 

We end with a character we haven’t seen all episode, Eve. She is very dressed down as a waitress and is walking out to her car when she is taken by an unknown figure. Here comes Leviathan. 

The show has definitely set up for James to find his future elsewhere (Mehcad Brooks has announced he was leaving this summer). This is probably the best decision as his character has been vastly underused throughout the length of the show or sometimes not even mentioned. Best wishes to all his future endeavors. 

Alex and Kelly are being very couple-y and seem to be content with each other. It’s a wonder if Alex’s desire to adopt will add to that happiness or throw the couple a curveball. On the flip side, Brainy and Nia have been a little uneasy with each other, due to Brainy’s refusal to touch her because of how he acted at the alien internment camp, but they’re slowly making progress. 

I’m very happy that they didn’t let the whole Lena pretending not to know Kara’s secret go on for ages. We now know that Lena is following deeper to the dark side and interesting enough, seems to think she can use Supergirl for the good of Mankind. Sound like a Luthor’s rhetoric if I ever heard one. We’re still only touching basis on our villains, Andrea Rojas, J’onn’s brother, and the mysterious Leviathan. This has been a solid beginning to the season and leaves us all in anticipation.

Written by Carly B., SUPERGIRL Beat Writer