Hasbro Reveals New STAR WARS Black Series, Vintage Collection, and Battle Bobblers Figures

Over the weekend, Paris Comic Con took place and Hasbro was there to unveil a few new 6-inch Black Series figures, a 3.75-inch figure, as well as a brand new toy line called Battle Bobblers.

First, here's the new Black Series figures of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi from STAR WARS: ATTACK OF THE CLONES, due in Spring 2020.

Next, is the reveal from The Vintage Collection of Care Dune from THE MANDALORIAN, due in Spring 2020.

Finally, Hasbro's new Star Wars toy line is called Battle Bobblers which are cute little figures designed to battle each other. They release as two-packs in Spring 2020 and will retail for $9.99.