LEGION Season 3 Review: Chapter 21

After last week’s exciting episode, LEGION slows the pace a bit and sets up some interesting premises for the rest of the season. 

Chapter 21 shows a lot of advancement in David’s character, and it isn’t for the best. The true nature of his cult is explored more in this episode and it shows how controlling David is, even towards Lenny. 

In an interesting scene, David and Sydney talk for first time since David ran off. David apologizes for everything, but Sydney is still rightfully angry. Things get pretty emotional when David brings up the fact that Sydney killed David twice in alternate futures. 

Hearing this only encouraged Sydney to work harder. While trying to come up with a solution on how to kill David while he has a time traveler, The Shadow King suggests that Sydney pretend to be his lover again. 

Meanwhile, Squirrel is dropped off in a city with Division 3 closely monitoring him. Hoping Squirrel would go back to David, Division 3 was pleasantly surprised when Lenny drove in to pick him up. 

Audrey Plaza shines, as always, as she tricks Division 3 so she can kidnap Cary. David hopes Cary can build a machine to amplify Switch’s time traveling powers. To rebel against Division 3, the members of David’s following use David’s new, violent-inducing red drug. 

Unfortunately for Division 3, they show up just as the drug starts to kick in. Luckily, Kerry is able to easily capture the gang, but she does not succeed in rescuing Cary. 

LEGION has gotten very cartoony, especially during a scene of Cary escaping a guard of David by imitating the moves of the guard by hiding behind her back. I think this change in tone is to show David is truly a child at heart. He never had time to be a child, thanks to the Shadow King, but now he won’t get the chance. Which is sad considering he is now too blinded by betrayal to realize he may be in the wrong. 

As season 3 progresses, David seems to get scarier and scarier. Not only can we see it in his actions, but the imagery that goes along with his powers in getter darker and becoming overwhelmingly red. David is becoming more and more like the Shadow King, the King’s theme was even used for David while he was tricking Cary. David is obviously in the wrong and it is hard to sympathize with him while he fights the characters we fell in love with. 

It definitely feels like LEGION is coming to and end. While I’ll be sad to see LEGION go, I’m glad the creators can end a show just as they imagined.

Written by James Philbrick, LEGION Beat Writer

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