Jason Momoa Says Henry Cavill is Still On Board as SUPERMAN

Back in September, a report hit stating how Warner Bros. and actor Henry Cavill were parting ways as the studio would no longer focus on Superman and instead bring Supergirl into the DC Extended Universe. There were a lot of fans who were angered at the studio as Cavill never got his chance at portraying the best version of the iconic superhero he deserved to play.

Since then, there has been word from Cavill's reps that he is in fact still on board as Superman. There's even been reports how both he and director Christopher McQuarrie discussed a possible MAN OF STEEL 2 storyline while they were working on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT (see link below). McQuarrie said Warner Bros. knows how to get a hold of him if they want to move forward with a MAN OF STEEL 2 movie.

While the studio still doesn't seem to have made that decision (yet?), AQUAMAN star Jason Momoa took a moment during the premiere of his new solo movie to debunk reports claiming Cavill is out as Superman.

"Absolutely not. He loves the character, and he’s not. 100%."

Many fans hope Cavill is not done as Superman, although his schedule did get a lot busier as the lead for Netflix's THE WITCHER series. Yet is Cavill does in fact love the character as Momoa says he does, then he'll fit a hopeful MAN OF STEEL 2 project somewhere into his schedule... and hopefully sooner than later.

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