MAN OF STEEL 2: Director Christopher McQuarrie and Actor Henry Cavill Have a Great Idea For a Hopeful Sequel, But...

Right away, do not get too excited for this because Warner Bros. has the appearance of not being as excited about a MAN OF STEEL 2 film unlike director Christopher McQuarrie and actor Henry Cavill are right now. This is because the duo discussed a possible sequel story idea while filming MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT, according to Collider, and they are both very happy with this sequel idea.

“Many, many people have asked, many, many, many times. I had an awesome conversation with Henry Cavill about an awesome version of Superman while we were on set. You’re sitting around [for] hours, waiting for stuff to be built so I can put Henry in it, and throw him off a cliff, or freeze him to death. And we talked about a really awesome version of Superman.

“[That’s] the movie Henry wants. There’s a really, really beautiful version of that, and I honestly can’t speak for the people who are responsible for making those decisions, except to say it’s part of a giant corporate mechanism. I’m one guy. I can stand up and turn around, turn my back to you instantly, a giant corporation that’s in the middle of a merger with another giant corporation is an aircraft carrier in a broom closet being asked to turn around. Part of my job, and what’s made my being a director so much more easy in this business, was ultimately coming to terms with the fact that the people that I’m sitting across from have much bigger problems than I do. They just do. And I sympathize with those problems, ’cause before I used to just view them as incredibly obtuse, and they don’t know what movies are about. Of course they do. They all love movies…

“So I just sit quietly off to the side, and people say, ‘Hey, would you make Superman?’ And I just keep responding, ‘Well, they know where to find me. They know where to call me,’ but I don’t expect the phone to ring. I don’t expect that to happen.”

Based on these quotes, from McQuarrie, he is on board to make MAN OF STEEL 2 with Cavill reprising his role as Superman, but the studio is dragging their feet. There is obviously a story McQuarrie and Cavill are passionate about right now, yet here we are wondering if Cavill will even continue his role in the DC Extended Universe, as previously reported last month

Very sad to see to these creatives excited about this potential film project, as well as a fanbase who really wants a sequel and more Cavill in the role, but a studio who once again seems quite clueless. Fingers crossed Warner Bros. gets a clue here.

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